My day job!

I started teaching in 1988 and here I am today….still teaching.  Who would have guessed? I now teach Social Studies, previously I taught Special Education.  I enjoyed my 13 years teaching students with learning challenges. But changing my teaching position has provided me with amazing teacher travel experiences.

Check out my travel journals listed above and check back often as I try to have at least one travel adventure every year.

I also maintain a detailed web site that focuses on my classroom and education activities. This web site is my teacher contribution to the Scales Mound School District #211 web page. Check out the link below:

Scales Mound High School Social Studies

I have a facebook page where I post student work and other information relating to my classroom and history.  I hesitated with creating this page as “social media” can be so negative. However I believe I have more “traffic” from parents, community members, and SMHS alumni on my facebook page then the district required classroom web site.

Scales Mound High School Social Studies

Thank you for viewing my pages.  I hope you enjoy the student work.  I always love finished student projects.  The awe of what can be produced today verses the boring laborious research papers I had to write when in school.




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